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Friday, October 10, 2008


Now we know (like we didn't before...) that SARAH PALIN is a fuckin' stupid person and should not be running for VICE PRESIDENT of one of the biggest, most powerfulerest (how Sarah would say it) in the WERLD!

Asian parents would not have approved having a daughter like her... (most Asian parents, I mean)

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HE DID call us GOOK. just fyi !!!

Irwin A. Tang's book "Gook: John McCain’s Racism and Why It Matters" attempts to connect the dots between McCain’s racist language, his policy stands, his monetary and political support for U.S. hate groups, and his apparent love of starting and maintaining American wars.

(Unrelated to the book, but related to the subject matter, Vu-Bang Nguyen is hosting a "McCain Hates Gooks Campaign Launch Party" on Friday, October 17, from 9 p.m. at Ez5 Bar on 684 Commercial Street in San Francisco. Event listing here.)

Tang believes that war and race overlap in the racial slur “gook ” that has roots in various U.S. wars dating back to the conquests of the Philippines and Haiti. The racial slur broke through to the mainstream American vocabulary during the Vietnam War, with that war’s famous motto, “The only good gook is a dead gook.”

In addition to McCain’s warmongering, a central focus of the book is John McCain’s endorsement of racist policies and white supremacists.

“John McCain has given so much money to the white supremacist Richard Quinn, that it’s questionable whether Quinn’s hate group journal, the Southern Partisan, could be published without McCain’s support.”

Tang’s book examines McCain’s decade-long relationship with Richard Quinn, who runs a headquarters for white supremacists, “neo-Confederates,” and anti-gay efforts. Quinn has served as a spokesperson, campaign organizer, and consultant for John McCain. Quinn’s white supremacy headquarters has served as a major campaign headquarters and even rally site for McCain from 1999 to 2008. A McCain rally was held there this year.

Tang questions why McCain endorsed and raised large sums of money for hate group lecturer George Wallace, Jr. “There were hundreds of thousands of Republican candidates that John McCain could have endorsed in 2006,” says Tang. “McCain chose to go from city to city making speeches for a man who had just given the keynote speech for the largest hate group conference in the nation.”

“Nobody accidentally uses the racial slur ‘gook’ for 27 years,” says Tang, “And there is a long list of equally disturbing acts and speeches delineated in the book.” McCain, for instance, courted and sought the support of anti-Islamic extremists such as John Hagee and Rod Parsley (whom McCain calls his “spiritual guides”) and continues to send his chief henchman, Sen. Joe Lieberman, to speak to the extremist anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic organization Christians United for Israel.

Organizations such as those run by Hagee and Parsley encourage holy war against Muslims in order to bring about “destiny” and the end-times, namely the Armageddon. They believe that God sent Hitler to execute the Holocaust, call the Catholic Church “the Great Whore,” believe Hurricane Katrina was a punishment for New Orleans’ sins, and that war with Muslims the reason for the creation of America.

Tang goes into detail about McCain’s sending his own money to the terrorist contra guerilla group in Nicaragua. He violated the Neutrality Act by personally financing the murdering, raping band of castrating and mutilating terrorists. McCain even visited the contras where they organized their terrorist attacks, even as five Central. American nations had already signed a peace plan. So fervent was McCain in his support of the terrorists that he physically attacked a Nicaraguan government official, as witnessed by Republican Sen. Thad Cochran, who says that a McCain presidency sends “chills” down his spine.

McCain also supported American aid to an armed coalition that included the Khmer Rouge, who brought to Cambodia, one of the worst genocides in history.

John McCain promised to start wars in North Korea, Iraq, and Libya if he were elected president. “Where would we be if McCain had become president in 2000?” asks Tang. “Fighting wars in at least five nations – North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and most likely Iran.” Yes, ink in Iran on the list of nations to start wars with. McCain has laughingly sung about bombing people in Iran and spoken casually about killing people in Iran with cigarette addiction. In a speech to religious extremists (at the CUFI convention), he seemed to add Syria, Russia, and other nations to the list of rogue states needing invasion.

For 110 years, the racial slur “gook” has encompassed war and racism. In his new book, Irwin Tang asks if that bloody symbiosis is embodied in John McCain.

Irwin Tang is the author/co-author of five books, including the history, Asian Texans, and the true story When Invisible Children Sing. Tang is best known for a public tangle over race with Shaquille O’Neal. Gook is available at and Ingram and Baker & Taylor book distributors; ISBN 0967943343. For a free book, please email For interviews, please email

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