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Thursday, September 04, 2008

FORBIDDEN KINGDOM DVD comes out 9/9/08!!

Dear gurls and bois:

Forbidden Kingdom DVD finally comes out next Tuesday (9/9/08)!!

I had the special opportunity to check out an advance copy of Forbidden Kingdom DVD... and I have to say... Get it next Tuesday!

Yes, originally, I was a bit creeped out by the fact that it was written by a Caucasian man who knows martial arts... however, writer John Fusco really did a terrific job blending the old eastern folklores with the western fascination of martial arts.

Let's be real here. Even though the lead Caucasian actor from Will & Grace is super annoying and miscasted, we have to bypass that- FORBIDDEN KINGDOM is JET LI and JACKIE CHAN's first collaboration, and that is pretty darn entertaining.

che che check it out here at FORBIDDEN KINGDOM !


ps: My favorite featurette is CHINAWOOD. Did you know China built a whole set for studios to film there?! It's like Universal Studio's backlot, but in China...

The special features include:

• Audio commentary with director Rob Minkoff and writer John Fusco

• “The Kung Fu Dream Team” featurette

• “Dangerous Beauty” featurette

• “Discovering China” featurette

• “Filming in Chinawood” featurette

• “Monkey King and The Eight Immortals” featurette

• Blooper reel

• Deleted scenes with audio commentary by Rob Minkoff and John Fusco


In modern-day Boston, Jason (Michael Angarano, TV’s “Will & Grace”), a teenage Kung Fu movie enthusiast, purchases a bootleg DVD from his favorite shopkeeper, Old Hop. When a local bully forces Jason to help rob Old Hop, Jason escapes with an old golden staff that magically transports him to ancient China. He is soon rescued from the forces of the Jade Warlord by Lu Yan (Chan), a raggedy wanderer whose wine-guzzling ways conceal his Kung Fu mastery. Yan, along with the Silent Monk (Li), reveals that Jason is the fabled Seeker who must return the staff to the Monkey King (also played by Li), in order to stop the warlord from carrying out his evil plans. Yan and the Silent Monk join forces to teach Jason the ways of the Kung Fu warrior so he can save their world and return to his own.

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