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Saturday, June 28, 2008

NO REGRET opens in LA/NY/OTHERS on July 25th !

Gosh Jolly... long time no chat!

Hope everyone is well.

We are going to start blogging again after a loooong haitus. There is much exciting news in Asian America going on that it has refueled our passion to blog.

We are going to introduce everyone a great gay 'ROMEO and JULIET' film (as coined by my friend over at

NO REGRET is a breakthrough Korea film directed by an openly gay filmmaker, starring two Korean heartthrobs.

Set in mondern Korean (unlike the cult-favorite KING AND THE CLOWN), NO REGRET follows a in-closet businessman who falls his employee-call-boy-then unemployeed-lover-cab-driver. However, there is a tiny problem- The businessman is engaged to a lady.

With the recent California Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, NO REGRET definitely reminds us of how far the gay community has come, and how far we still have to go. Furthermore, the idea and image of homosexuality continues to be a taboo in the Asian and Asian American community. The dramatic Korean soap-opera like NO REGRET is a close depiction of men on the down-low living in suburbia and living double lives in order to assimilate and imitate the mainstream image of masculinity.

NO REGRET also made its mark in Korean independent cinema’s box office, with crossover audience

Check out the trailer here:

“No Regret” to Open in U.S. Theatres July 25

Breakout Gay Korean Film will Debut in Select U.S. Theaters This Summer

LOS ANGELES – June 16, 2008 – Regent Releasing is pleased to announce the U.S. theatrical debut of “No Regret,” an award-winning romantic drama focusing on class conflict and contemporary gay life in Korea. “No Regret” was recently acquired by here! Films, Regent Releasing’s sister company, and will premiere in Los Angeles and New York on July 25th, with other select cities to follow.

“No Regret”, the first true gay film from Korea, centers on Sumin (Lee Young-Hoon), a poor 18 year-old orphan who seeks his fortune in the bright lights of Seoul. After losing a series of jobs, he is forced to work as a prostitute in a gay karaoke bar. A wealthy and powerful industrialist, Jaemin, (Lee Han) falls passionately in love with the boy and seduces him. Their relationship soon begins to interfere with Jaemin’s pending nuptials and his promotion to a high-profile job at his father’s company. Vengeful after becoming ignored, Sumin sets off on a destructive course of action that brings the film to a powerful and emotional moment of truth. “No Regret” is as uplifting and bittersweet as it is compelling and surprising.

Director Leesong Hee-il has received critical acclaim for his shorts (“Sugar Hill,” “Good Romance”) as well as omnibus work (“Camellia Project - Three Queer Stories at Bogil Island”). His screen achievements have set the bar for gay Korean filmmakers and his devotion to creating true-to-life gay characters has made him a favorite at film festivals from Vancouver to Berlin. “No Regret” has been well received at prominent festivals in the U.S., such as Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco, Outfest in Los Angeles, the Seattle International Film Festival and the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Leesong Hee-il has received numerous awards including “Best Independent Director of the Year,” Director’s Cut Awards Korea and the “Best Film Award,” Ansan International Next Film Festival.

For more information, please visit

“No Regret” RT is 114 min, color, 35mm aspect ratio 1.85, Dolby Digital, 5.1 surround, in Korean with English subtitles, MPAA rating pending evaluation.

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